Tips for Submitting to the TpT Newsletter

Would you like to have one of your resources featured in the weekly Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter that is sent to millions of teachers? Did you know that it is actually super easy and only takes a few minutes to submit? 

Of course, there is no magic button to push to guarantee you a spot in the newsletter, but being consistent and following these simple tips will give you the best shot possible and help you make the most of it if you are chosen!

1) From your seller menu, look under Promote and click on Newsletter. Here you can submit a free resource or a paid resource. Just grab the link of your resource and answer the questions! If you want to submit to be a featured seller, look for the gray box on the right to take you to that form. 

2) Be consistent. Submit a free resource and a paid resource every single week. Put it on your calendar! You can submit to be the featured seller once a month.

3) Your free resource should be no more than ten pages and it should be a great sample of the quality of your work! When people download it, you want them to say. “Wow! I wish I had more like this!”

4) In the freebie, include a page with pictures and links to more resources that your audience would enjoy, similar to the content of the free resource.

5) Your cover pages are everything! This is your first shot to draw in your audience. Use clear, easy to read fonts, with minimal text and include quality clip art, photos, or thumbnails.

6) Check your descriptions, thumbnails, and previews (for paid resources) on what you submit. They should be clear and informative. Thousands of people will be looking at your resource if it’s in the newsletter, so take the time to make it appealing!

7) Consider submitting seasonal resources when applicable. You can submit the same resource over and over, or different ones every week. It’s up to you.

8) When you submit to be a featured seller, you are asked to write a short paragraph about your teaching philosophy and how your resources support educators. Type this up and save it somewhere so you can have it ready to go each month. Of course, you can tweak it each time if you like. 

9) Be consistent. Did I say that already? Well, it's because this really is the key! Hardly anyone gets their resource in the first time they submit. It could be months or even a year to have a resource featured, but when it is, the benefits will be great! 

Now, go submit some resources and write it on your calendar for next week too! 😍

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