Pinterest Tips for TpT Sellers


Using Pinterest is a great way to bring traffic to your TpT store. I average over 7,000 click-throughs from Pinterest to my Teachers Pay Teachers store every month and earn hundreds of dollars from that traffic alone. 

The best part? It takes me less than 30 minutes a week!

Here are some of my best tips for utilizing Pinterest to draw more traffic to your resources. 

1) Create between 30-50 different boards with specific names. For example, don't just have a board called "Math." Break it up into subcategories such as "Third Grade Math," "Math Games," "Free Math Resources," "Digital Math," etc. 

2) After you create a board, go back to edit and create a keyword-rich description for it. Your boards can show up in search results when people are searching! 

3) You can pin the same thing to different boards, just spread it out a few days between each one. 

4) You only have 500 characters in your pin description. Include as many keywords as you can, without stuffing them together in an unnatural way. You can also include 1-2 relevant hashtags. 

5) Try different images for the same resource and see what performs better. Typically, photos and action shots get more repins than cover pages. 

6) Don't just pin resources. Pinterest can be a place to appeal to more of what your audience likes. Go to Analytics -> Audience Insights and you can see the top categories that your followers are interested in. This could be parenting, food, decor, clothes, etc. Pin ideas from these other categories as well to keep your followers interested in your feed. 

7) Follow the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your pins should be things that are valuable to your audience without them having to pay for it. This can be free resources, tips and ideas from blog posts, encouraging quotes, memes, etc. Only twenty percent of your pins should lead directly to a paid product. 

8) Fresh pins that you create will perform better than repins. Aim to create a few fresh pins each week. 

9) Pin 12-15 times per day. Using a scheduling app such as Tailwind (affiliate link) can make this process quick and easy!

The great news is that you don't need a huge following on Pinterest to get clicks and traffic. Pinterest is used more as a search engine these days. So just keep creating pins with great pictures and enticing descriptions and pretty soon you'll see more and more traffic coming to your store!

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