How to Create an Animated Quote Box on TpT

Wondering how to create those cute animated quote boxes on Teachers Pay Teachers? I've got you covered! Here are some simple ways to get it done! 

First, start by creating your template in PowerPoint like you would for a static quote box. Read my post HERE for those directions. 

If you are familiar with the animation tools in PowerPoint, you can use them to create the movement you want with your words and pictures. 

If not, have no fear! Another way is to just create your base picture, then copy and paste the slide, adding in the next piece. Continue on until you have all the pieces you want. 

The next step (whether you used animation or multiple slides) is to go to File -> Export -> Create an Animated GIF

You can decide how many seconds you want to spend on each slide and adjust as needed. Create the gif and preview it. If it's too slow or too fast, just go back to your PowerPoint and export it again, this time changing the seconds spent on each slide. 

My end result was this:


Another option is to create a rotating quote box. This involves using several completely different slides. Create the slides you want the same way in PowerPoint and then continue with the steps and export as an animated GIF! You probably want to stay on each slide for around one and a half or two seconds.  


The finished GIF:

Upload to your store by going to My Account -> Store Profile -> Edit -> Personal Quote -> Image/Link

If you want to add a link, there is a space below to put it in!

That's it! Have fun creating your animated quote box! 


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