How to Create a Custom Quote Box on TpT

Have you ever wanted to create a cute custom quote box for your TpT storefront? It's a great way to welcome visitors, showcase a resource, invite people to follow you, or just add more branding to your store. 

To create your quote box, just follow these steps! 

1) Open a new PowerPoint presentation. 

2) Go to Design -> Slide Size -> Custom Slide Size and make the size 6 in. x 2 in. 

3) If you want the background color to blend in with the background (and not be white) then you can change it to match. Go to Design -> Format Background -> Color -> More Colors -> Custom -> Enter the hex code: #f1f1f1

This will make the quote box blend with the background on TpT like this:

Instead of this:

Now you can add in your text and clip art to your quote box! You can have a welcome message, showcase a certain line of products, or just add in some color and elements from your logo!

Keep in mind that you can add a link to the quote box, so you are able to directly lead someone to a specific product or custom category if you'd like! 

When you have the slide how you want it, save it as a jpeg. 

Upload to your store by going to My Account -> Store Profile -> Edit  -> Personal Quote -> Image/Link

If you want to add a link, there is a space below to put it in! 

That's it! Have fun creating your quote box and dressing up your store!

*Ready to kick it up a notch? Read my post HERE about creating an animated quote box! 

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