Creating Bundles on TpT


Putting together bundles in your Teachers Pay Teachers store is a great way to offer your customers a great deal while also increasing your earning power!

A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered as a single product for a discount.

To create a new bundle on TpT, go to Add New Product and click on "Bundle of Resources." You will create the name, description, etc. just like other resources, but instead of uploading a file, you will choose to add resources (between 2-150) already listed in your store. 

You can also include a "Bonus File" - something that is not uploaded in your store as an exclusive offering for those who buy the bundle. 

A good discount for a bundle is between 20-30%. If you have a customer who purchases a resource and a bundle that the resource is included in, they can contact TpT and get a refund for their purchase of the individual item (as long as it was purchased within the last year). 

What about growing bundles? Growing (or progressive) bundles are bundles that you add to over time. So let's say you want to create a series of resources for middle school science and you want to bundle them all together to create a year-long set. But you don't want to wait until you finish every set to create the bundle.

After you create the first couple of sets, you can upload them into a growing bundle. As you create more sets throughout the year, you can add them to the bundle and increase the price. Buyers can get a great deal by purchasing early on in the bundle because they will have access to download anything else you add, without paying more for it. This is also a nice way to get some feedback for your bundle by offering it smaller and lower priced at first.

There are a few guidelines to keep in mind if you are offering a growing bundle. 

1) Make sure you are clear that it is a growing bundle and that you explain what will be added to the resource. 

2) Include a clear timeline for when buyers can expect additions.

3) Starting a growing bundle is a commitment! Make sure you have the time and capacity to complete the bundle once you start it. 

So what kinds of things should you bundle together? Well, anything that you think the same teacher would want to purchase! This can be different levels of a resource, such as reading passages for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It could be something seasonal, such as math games for different holidays. Or it could just be related resources like different types of grammar lessons. 

You can include the same resource in up to 15 different bundles, so mix and match to see what bundles sell best for you! 

A great feature that TpT has added is showing all the bundles a resource is included in on the individual product pages. This makes it easy for potential buyers to find and view your bundles! Example:

When you start to sell higher priced items such as bundles, you can really see your earnings increase!

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