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6 Mistakes I Made as a New TpT Seller

Over my years as a teacher-author, I've learned so much....often as a result of trial and error. I want to share with you six mistakes that I made when I first started to hopefully give you some guidance about things to avoid. 


1) When I first began creating, I used Microsoft Word. It was the only program I was really familiar with, so I just went for it. A few years later, I switched over to PowerPoint and it was a game changer! Word can be so limiting and frustrating when you are trying to design a page with text and pictures. But with PowerPoint, everything becomes so much easier! If you have a Mac, then Keynote is a great program that works similar to PowerPoint. 


2) I searched the internet for images and copied and pasted them right into my creations! This...

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Seller Tips for TpT Site-Wide Sales

Who doesn't love a sale? TpT's site-wide sales happen four times a year and are a great time to make sure your store is optimized! Here are some tips and ideas to get you going:

1) TpT offers a 5% discount with a discount code, but if you want to include a greater discount, you must manually set your store on sale. Most sellers choose to set it for 20% off, so buyers will get a total of 25% off. You can set your sale for the right dates by using the "Throw a Sale" from your menu. (If you add a new product after you set your store on sale, be sure to go back to your sale page and check to include it!)

2) Advertise the sale to your social media followers. TpT provides banners and images that you can use to promote. They will email these out before a sale. You can also create your...

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Lies Teacher-Authors Believe

Sometimes as teacher-authors, we tell ourselves things that just aren't true. These are things that can keep us from moving forward, trying new things, and ultimately, they cripple our success. 

Here’s the process of how believing lies affect us:

1) We listen to a lie (usually told to yourself).

2) We think about it over and over (dwell on it).

3) We start to believe it as the truth (don’t recognize as a lie).

4) It affects the way we act.  

In order to change our thinking and get rid of the lie that’s affecting our behavior, we can’t just say, "I’m not going to believe that." It will come around again. Instead, we must replace it with the truth. Write it down in a notebook, put it by your computer, desk, mirror, speak it...

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My Top 3 Tips to Get Your Products Seen on TpT

With 5,000,000 resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, how in the world are people going to find yours? 

Don't despair! I get thousands of views every day in my store, and here's what I know. If you take the time to really make sure your resources are positioned to sell, they WILL be found by the right people. 

So how exactly do you optimize your resources to make sure they are seen? Well, I'm glad you asked. 

First, you must make a cover page that grabs attention! It's the first thing someone sees as they are searching, and the goal is to make people "stop the scroll" when they see your cover. You may have an amazing resource, but if no one ever clicks your cover....they won't get to it! Here are a few tips for making click-worthy cover pages:

  • Make them a square...
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How to Add Value to Your Resources

We all want to create quality resources - ones that are well thought out, nicely put together, and useful for teachers. 

But you also need to think about how you can add value to your resources.

Adding value to your resources can increase the price that people will pay. Trust me on are not going to find the success you want by selling $1 items. You must begin selling resources for $5, $10, $20, or even more. And yes...even though teachers don't have a ton of extra money....they are willing to pay for resources that are full of value. 

When a buyer feels that your resource was worth the money, they will let others know! Here are some examples of feedback I've gotten from buyers:

"This is an incredible resource! Well worth the money! It saved me so much...

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