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How to Grow Your Instagram


If you are anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. I mean, it's such a great way to share fun photos and ideas and get to know other teachers around the world. BUT if you are trying to use it for marketing purposes as well, to share about your resources and lead people to your TpT store, then it can be so frustrating when you can't seem to gain followers or get much engagement. 

This last summer I really took some time to research Instagram and learned some great strategies to help gain followers and get those followers to actually interact with your content. I want to share with you the top 5 things I've learned to help you grow your Instagram:

1) Use the rule of 80/20. 80% of your posts should be something of value to your...

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How to Make Video Pins for Pinterest

If you are looking for an easy way to boost your engagement on Pinterest and get some traffic to your Teachers Pay Teachers store, then video pins are a great thing to try.

When you are searching through all the static pictures on Pinterest, a video will really stand out! 

On average, when I post a video pin, I see 5x the number of views over normal pins. If you've been wanting to create some but aren't sure how, I've got some tips and ideas to help you get started.

First, the recommended length for a video pin is only 6-15 seconds, so when you are thinking about the best way to showcase your resource, think short and sweet. Next, most people do not view Pinterest with their sound on, so use photos and text to tell about your resource, not audio. 


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How to Use UTM Codes on TpT

Spending time, energy, and sometimes even money to market your TpT store and resources can be a scary thing, especially if you have no idea if your efforts are even working! The last thing we want to do is waste our time on things that aren’t giving us a good ROI (return on investment).

To be honest, you could never do a bit of your own marketing and still make some sales, because people are already coming to TpT to search for resources. In fact, if you check out your traffic tab in your seller dashboard, you will find that a large percentage of your overall sales come from TpT itself. This year, only 14% of my sales have come from traffic that originated outside of TpT.

But being strategic in your marketing efforts and tracking what is and isn’t working can really boost the...

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SEO for Teacher Authors on TpT

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a huge topic that many people devote whole courses to. In this post, I just want to share some basics that will help you get started!

Why is SEO important? SEO helps you set up your content so the right people can find it.

You might have the most amazing resource in the world, but before someone can buy it, they have to see it. SEO is the art of matching your content to what people are searching for online.

Sites like Google, TpT, and Pinterest have algorithms in place that work to match content to what people type in the search bar. The specifics of the data used by each algorithm are not public information, so there’s no magic formula I can give you to guarantee your content will show up first when someone searches.


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Creating Previews on TpT

Previews are a great way to showcase your resources! While a cover page is necessary to catch someone's attention, the preview is the thing that is really going to convince someone that your product is worth their money! 

Some buyers say that they don't even consider purchasing a resource unless there is some kind of preview, so it really is important to take the time to make them! Note that free resources do not have the option to upload a preview, since people can download risk-free, but you should make sure you have a preview for every single paid product!

A preview can be just an image, a one page PDF, or even several pages. So, think about your resource and how you can best show the value that's included and how it will help a teacher if they purchase it.

Here are a few...

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How to Grow an Email List for TpT Sellers

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a TpT seller is to start growing your own email list. 

Why? Because without one you have no way to communicate with your customers or people who are interested in your resources. People who buy from you on TpT are their customers, not yours.  

98% of people check their email every day, and 60% check it more than 3 times a day. Getting into people's inboxes is a great way to share valuable information with them, so you can build that know, like, and trust factor, and ultimately bring more traffic and sales to your TpT business.

So how do you go about growing your own list? 

Here are the basic steps:

1) Sign up with a provider. I use Mailchimp. Other options include ConvertKit, Constant Contact, Mailer Lite, and Sendinblue....

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Creating Bundles on TpT


Putting together bundles in your Teachers Pay Teachers store is a great way to offer your customers a great deal while also increasing your earning power!

A bundle is a collection of two or more individual resources offered as a single product for a discount.

To create a new bundle on TpT, go to Add New Product and click on "Bundle of Resources." You will create the name, description, etc. just like other resources, but instead of uploading a file, you will choose to add resources (between 2-150) already listed in your store. 

You can also include a "Bonus File" - something that is not uploaded in your store as an exclusive offering for those who buy the bundle. 

A good discount for a bundle is between 20-30%. If you have a customer who purchases...

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Pinterest Tips for TpT Sellers


Using Pinterest is a great way to bring traffic to your TpT store. I average over 7,000 click-throughs from Pinterest to my Teachers Pay Teachers store every month and earn hundreds of dollars from that traffic alone. 

The best part? It takes me less than 30 minutes a week!

Here are some of my best tips for utilizing Pinterest to draw more traffic to your resources. 

1) Create between 30-50 different boards with specific names. For example, don't just have a board called "Math." Break it up into subcategories such as "Third Grade Math," "Math Games," "Free Math Resources," "Digital Math," etc. 

2) After you create a board, go back to edit and create a keyword-rich description for it. Your boards can show up in search results when people are...

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How to Create an Animated Quote Box on TpT

Wondering how to create those cute animated quote boxes on Teachers Pay Teachers? I've got you covered! Here are some simple ways to get it done! 

First, start by creating your template in PowerPoint like you would for a static quote box. Read my post HERE for those directions. 

If you are familiar with the animation tools in PowerPoint, you can use them to create the movement you want with your words and pictures. 

If not, have no fear! Another way is to just create your base picture, then copy and paste the slide, adding in the next piece. Continue on until you have all the pieces you want. 

The next step (whether you used animation or multiple slides) is to go to File -> Export -> Create an Animated GIF

You can decide how many...

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Tips for Submitting to the TpT Newsletter

Would you like to have one of your resources featured in the weekly Teachers Pay Teachers newsletter that is sent to millions of teachers? Did you know that it is actually super easy and only takes a few minutes to submit? 

Of course, there is no magic button to push to guarantee you a spot in the newsletter, but being consistent and following these simple tips will give you the best shot possible and help you make the most of it if you are chosen!

1) From your seller menu, look under Promote and click on Newsletter. Here you can submit a free resource or a paid resource. Just grab the link of your resource and answer the questions! If you want to submit to be a featured seller, look for the gray box on the right to take you to that form. 

2) Be consistent. Submit a free...

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